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Regenerative Therapy and Regenerative Treatments

Regenerative Therapy in Warren and Macomb Twp, MI

We embrace, understand and practice the latest regenerative therapy technologies. All parts of your body are vulnerable to pain and discomfort. To help minimize the pain and find the root of the problem, we offer the following regenerative therapy services:

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections (PRP)

This natural treatment reduces pain by injecting your own blood to the affected area. The platelet-rich plasma helps intensify the spread of reparative cells and promote healing to injured muscles and joints.


Prolotherapy is a non-surgical ligament and tendon reconstruction procedure that allows for the weakened area to heal naturally. The response to the injection boosts the growth of new tissue, essentially strengthening the infected area.


Prolozone is a technique that combines the principles of neural therapy, Prolotherapy, and ozone therapy. It involves injecting combinations of procaine, anti-inflammatory medications, homeopathics, vitamins, minerals, proliferatives, and ozone/oxygen gas into degenerated or injured joints, and into areas of pain. This article reviews the nature of what medical grade ozone is, how it works in biological systems, and how it can be used to regenerate joints and other damaged tissues, and to alleviate pain. Three case studies are presented.

Stem Cell Treatment

BMC or Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate

BMC therapy is a promising non-surgical regenerative treatment used to treat various orthopedic injuries, including moderate to severe osteoarthritis and tendon injures. BMC is a concentrate of regenerative stem cells obtained from a patient's own bone marrow. The physician removes a small amount of the patient's bone marrow and spins it in a centrifuge in order to generate a powerful concentrate that is injected into the injured area. In the past, these types of cells were often very difficult and expensive to obtain from the body. With recent medical advancements, the cells can be easily obtained and the procedure can be done with minimal discomfort by a simple office procedure.