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General Body Pain

General Body Pain treatment in Macomb Twp, MI

Body pain often disrupts one’s quality of life and can originate from any part of the body. The pain may affect your entire body or a localized area, with levels ranging from mild to severe. Body pain is often attributed to stress, overuse, tension, or previous injuries from physical work or exercise. To help minimize your body pain and find the root of the problem, Center For Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation offers the following services:

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Point Injections (TPI) is a treatment that points to a specific knot in your muscle. The tension in this area is released, allowing the irritated nerves surrounding the knot to alleviate.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections (PRP)

This natural treatment reduces pain by injecting your own blood to the affected area. The platelet-rich plasma helps intensify the spread of reparative cells and promote healing to injured muscles and joints.

Botox for spasticity

Spasticity, or muscle stiffness, is common and can make all movements extremely difficult. Botox for spasticity is an injection that blocks the chemical signal between the nerve and muscle that makes the contraction.

Ganglion Impar Block

This procedure is helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of tailbone pain. It essentially numbs (blocks) the nerve impulses to the affected area. The length of time after the injection where there is no pain can indicate the cause for discomfort.

Coccyx Injection

Similar to the Ganglion Impar Block, this injection treats the pain around the tailbone. A coccyx injection involves both an anesthetic and steroid shot to into the coccygeal nerve.


An epidural is a pain-relieving shot which targets pain carrying signals. An epidural for pain management blocks the nerve signal from reaching your brain.


Prolotherapy is a non-surgical ligament and tendon reconstruction procedure that allows for the weakened area to heal naturally. The response to the injection boosts the growth of new tissue, essentially strengthening the infected area.