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Joint Pain

Joint Pain treatment in Warren and Macomb Twp, MI

Joint pain is extremely common and can interfere with major motor abilities. The pain resulting from hurt joints can cause more than just discomfort, which is why we offer the following services to help reduce the pain:

Hip Injection

Hip injections involve inserting medication directly into the hip joint. This procedure is done to help diagnose the source, as well as, relieve the current pain.

Hip Nerve Block

This treatment involves an injection of both an anesthetic and steroid to reduce the pain and swelling in your nerves. The combination relieves the pain by blocking the pain signal from the nerves to your brain.


Prolotherapy is a non-surgical ligament and tendon reconstruction procedure that allows for the weakened area to heal naturally. The response to the injection boosts the growth of new tissue, essentially strengthening the infected joint.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections

The injection of hyaluronic acid aids the joint by acting like the substance naturally in the joints. It acts like a shock absorber to the joint to help increase the pain and stiffness.

Lumbar Sympathetic Block

The injection is made to the sympathetic nerves in the spine but affect the pain and range of motion in your legs. The idea is to block the nerves from sending the pain signals down to the lower extremity and therefor eliminate the discomfort.